Creating peek-a-boo cut out shape

We’re spicing things up on the blog with a new series every Wednesday. We’re excited for some of the features we have planned and hope that you’ve been enjoying the hybrid projects our amazing hybrid team have come up with.

Today I bring you Photoshop Wednesday where we’ll learn how to create a peek-a-boo cut out shape on your digital layout. These are a perfect way for embellishments or papers to peek through the cut out shape. I’ll show you two ways you can do this but be warned! Once you learn how to do this you’ll want to cut out shapes on all of your layouts!

Supplies used:

Step 1. Choose your papers.

With your Photoshop open, choose your papers. One for the background and one to peek underneath.








The paper that you’d like to peek through the cut out shape should be your bottom layer, in this example, “Layer 2”.

Step 2. Use the marquee tool. 

Choose either the rectangular or elliptical marquee tool to cut out the shape. Make sure feather is set to zero.

















Step 3. Cut out shapes in your paper however you desire. Get wild and crazy!

Make sure that you have the right layer first! Hold down the shift key to create perfect circles or squares.





















Once you have created the desired shapes hit the delete button. This will remove the areas that you cut out.




















Deselect the areas by hitting Ctrl D or Cmd D on a Mac.

Alternatively, you can use the eraser tool with your choice of brush to cut out shapes.







































Once you apply the eraser to your layout it cuts out the layer automatically.

Step 4. Add shadowing to make it realistic. 

You can use whatever you settings you want but you want to make sure it looks realistic enough that you actually cut out a piece from the paper. I used these settings:
















You can also use Gennifer Bursett’s awesome shadow kit that I use on EVERY layout. You can pick it up here.




















Step 5. Add your embellishments.

Now the other fun part. Add the embellishments underneath “layer 2” to make them look like they’re peeking out of the cut out shapes.




















Fun, right? Now open your Photoshop and get to it!



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  1. How neat! TFS!

    PS-Your warning made me think of those decorative scissors from wayyy back! 😀 I remember taking ’em to most if not all my photos! :S

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