Pillow Box with Custom Cut-out

Happy Monday! Kate here to show you how to snazzy up a pillow box just in time for Valentine’s Day. ValentinePillowBox_wm_web Supplies: – Digital Paper: I used Deena’s Pillow Box Template, Truly Papers & Cut Files. – Photo-editing software like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements – White cardstock – Cutting machine (I used a Silhouette) – Clear cellophane – you can find this at a party supply store – Adhesive: I used glue tape – Small candies or snacks.

Directions: 1. For this tutorial, I’ll be working in PSE 10. Clip your chosen paper to the template and merge the layers. Select the shape you want to have cut-out. It should be a pretty basic shape if you really want to show off the contents of the box. I chose a heart word bubble. Here is my pillow box all ready to go:

2014_2_3_1 2. To cut out the shape hold down the command (control) key and click on the thumbnail of the shape. You should see the marching ants around your shape. 2014_2_3_2 Now select the pillow box layer and press delete. You can now hide or erase the cut-out shape layer. And you have a cut-out in the pillow box! 2014_2_3_3 3. Add any additional details to your box. I wanted to stitch a small bit of paper to the box after printing and cutting. 2014_2_3_4 Hide the white background layer – you may have to double click on the thumbnail to unlock it. I also separated the bit of paper from the box because I want to physically adhere it later. Merge all layers so you have a transparent background – if you flatten the image, you’ll end up with another white background. Now save as a png. 2014_2_3_5 4. Next up is the printing and cutting. I used the print and cut feature on my Silhouette. In the Silhouette software, make sure the regulation marks box is checked. 2014_2_3_6 5. Open the Trace Window. These were my settings: 2014_2_3_7 My process: – click on “select trace area” – draw a box around your image – uncheck “high pass filter” – adjust the threshold until all of your image is yellow – select “trace” from the top box 6. Now print and send it to the cutting machine. 2014_2_3_8 6. Before you fold up the box, add any finishing touches to the front and then flip it over. Adhere a small piece of clear cellophane to the inside part of the box, covering the cut-out shape. 2014_2_3_9 7. Assemble the box and add the candies. ValentinePillowBox_wm_web

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