Pocket Life Step-by-Step Process with CTM Jessie McKeon

Being a new member for Deena Rutter’s Creative team, Project Life has been inspiring me to up my game in my creativity mode. Each of us have own style and steps we take to get ourselves in our crafty flow. With so many different styles, I was always curious to how do they get to that awe inspiring page.

Whether you find it easier to document your life weekly or monthly, there is no right or wrong way to pocket scrapbook your pages.

I use post it notes for each week. Some weeks I find it more inspiring to document while other weeks, there was nothing worth while. On each post it note I write the week number and the dates for them. I go Sunday-Saturday. Labeling each page with a post it note allows me to go back and re-work them by adding photos or more information. It definitely helps me to keep track of the dates.

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I rely on my cell phone applications. There are so many out there that’ll allow you to organize photos, wrote notes and chronicle your life moments. My favorites are:

Those Days Lite: organizes my photos by the day. This way I can see what I did for that week and decide which photos I want to get printed. You can view it monthly or daily and includes events, reminders and even allow you to journal and tag and comment the photos.

Pic Stitch: creates the 2×2 squares on a 4×6 photo with ease. I love the different lay outs they offer but definitely my favorite is being able to add 6 photos into one. This allows me to add even more photos to my spreads.

Rhonna Designs: has amazing designs to add to photos. I like to use this one for quick watermarks on my photos and add text and fun, modern shapes to them.

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After I decide on my photos, I get them printed at Walgreens. The quality is not deemed the best but I live down the street from one and they know me by name and know when I walk into the doors, they meet me at the photo counter. I use the Walgreens app because it allows me to upload my photos from my phone, my Instagram account and my Facebook account. I could even get my Instagram 4×4 prints from the app!

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The next step, I tend to do both at the same time, laying out my photos and printing my journal cards and elements. I have been obsessed with printables lately! I notice it’s easier for me to look at my monitor, find the designs I want and just hit print.
Once the cards and photos are laid out, I pull out my planner and look over my Facebook for journaling prompts.

I add printed elements to fill in the empty spots and embellishments to add a little depth and variety. My go to embellishments are enamel dots, sequins, wood veneers and cut outs. I keep a stash of my favorite cuts I make using my Silhouette Cameo machine such as the hand drawn stars from Deena Rutter’s Every Little Bit: Charmed kit.

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Next, I go for my stamps! I make cards as well so being able to utilize my stamp collection into my spreads justifies my stamp purchases. Haha, if only I can persuade my husband with that logic. I pull out mostly my Project Life theme stamps and use black ink. I don’t go too crazy over stamping on my spreads.

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These steps I take are not set in stone and the order of them can differ from each week. Using these steps allow me to tackle them with ease and I realized this is my usual process without me even realizing it. Thank you so much for reading my blog post and I would love to see how you create your pages!


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