Project Life Wednesday: Right Here, Right Now

Hey guys! Becca here, and I’m back for another edition of Project Life Wednesday. Sneakin’ this in just before the month finishes up! Today I wanted to share with you how to capture “right now” in your Project Life albums. It’s so important to remember to do this – that way, when you look back in days, weeks, months, YEARS from now, you’ll be able to see how things changed and remember those little things you might have missed.

Capturing right now can mean a currently list, a list of favorites from your kids, what your toddler’s newest phrase is, what kinds of toys your baby loves to play with, what your cell phone looks like or all about that smoothie you’ve perfected and look forward to every morning. It can be anything!

Here’s some inspiration from the web that showcased their “right here, right now” moments in their spreads.

via teeleedee

She created a “right now” card for her left spread to highlight what her daughter was up to at the moment. If you have more than one child, it would be neat to add an extra insert every so often with a card for each of them to see how they’ve changed through the year.

via trisha harrison

Here’s another example of documenting kids. Here, Trisha wrote down things her kids were into right now and put their initials in a circle next to each item.

via once upon a hive

I love the bottom left- she took two photos of the weather outside that day, one in the morning and one at night, and added Thickers and a label to tie them together.

via i create with love

Here, Emily took a screenshot from her iPhone of her family’s favorite song right now. It will be fun to see how music has changed years from now by looking at this card and remembering the lyrics.

via ali edwards

Two things here. First, Ali got in the photo and is now included in the album herself, which is so important! And second, you can see what her cell phone looks light right now. How phones have changed over the years… what do you think they will look like a few years from now?

Deena has created a Right Here, Right Now card to help capture all those moments that are happening in your life right now! Click the image below to download the card for your Project Life.


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