Quiet Travel Set

I have a very busy little boy, who happens to have just turned 4.  Most recently he’s been getting really bored when we are in the car for any extended period of time.  When I saw Scenic Route I thought to myself, ohhhh now there’s something I can do!  He loves cars, trucks, boats, planes, anything that moves.  What a perfect fit.
Optional supplies:
Magnet board
To create this I kept it simple based on what I had on hand, here are my steps:
Step 1:  I created an 8.5×11 canvas in Photoshop and used the scenic route road trip paper as my base then printed it out and added it to my clipboard.  As an option – if you have a small home laminater you can laminate it for durability or even adhere it to a magnetic board.  I wanted to be able to change it up so I kept it simple
Step 2:  Next I took the different elements  printed and cut them out.  I even reversed the elements and cut out a reverse image to double side the vehicles which thickens them up.
Step 3:  Cut them out, I did mine by hand because I’m waiting on some new blades for my cameo.
Step 4:  Glue them back to back
Super simple to put together!  I gave it to my son and he just loved it.  He played with it the whole car trip and even brought it in with us to the doctor’s office.

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