Quilt Market Day 2

My mom and sister walked the show with me today. They are both quilters and sell their quilts at a little etsy shop called, shancee. They have been sewing forever, so they really appreciated all of the amazing talent. 


Riley Blake deservingly won BEST BOOTH AWARD!  They really go above and beyond in every way.


Some lucky person won this cruiser.


Amy Smart, of Diary of a Quilter designed this quilt


Look what is coming soon!  So Sophie in fabric!


My new fabric line, SCOOT, will be out in January 2012.  Riley Blake told me it was a hit for presales at the show.  Love hearing that!


So, just one more way Riley Blake does it right…they threw an 80s bash on Saturday Night at The Depot, complete with 80s Cover Band.  Anyone who knows me knows it was hard for me to dress up, but I was brave!  They threw a great party and treat their designers and employees so well!


This quilt by Jina Barney of Riley Blake in the issue of Love of Quilting.


Love the detail of the flowers in the window.


Accuquilt display using LoveBirds.

Accuquilt display using LoveBirds.


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  1. I found this blog because I’ve been browsing shops for your “happier” fabric line. I’m going to use it to make a nursing cover for myself. Let me just say I cannot wait to see your “scoot” line in shops. That looks adorable! I’m about to have my first boy (after 2 girls), and I’ve come to realize we need more good fabric out there for boys. I love your designs!

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