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Last week I had the opportunity to go to Quilt Market in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was the first year I had set up my own booth, and wow, what a treat! My little section of Quilt Market was decorated in all things spooky, to introduce my newest fabric line Happy Haunting (it’s in my etsy shop as well as on your fabric shop shelves really soon if not already!) Our Kate Skirt took a cute little frightening twist, as well as our Around the Block quilt.

happy haunting_booth2

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am crazy for this cat pillow. This quilt, runner, and pillow pattern might have just turned me into a cat person.

scaredy cat_happyHaunting

Here is one of the kitty cats taking a peek at my Happy Haunting storyboard. Storyboards are the booklets that the shops look at while they are placing their order. I was lucky to snag one from the Riley Blake booth to show visitors my new designs.

Ok, one of my favorite parts of the booth was the branch in the moonlight full of bats! We had a custom die made by Accuquilt (and you can too!) All sorts of patterned bats were adorning the branches.


But before we could bring the bats in, we had to stabilize our branch with foam spray. I learned first hand the “DRIES QUICKLY” is a relative term. If we wouldn’t have propped it up with chairs and tables I would have been standing in the aisles at the Quilt Market opening the next day! Thank goodness for helpful booth neighbors.
happy haunting_booth1

Don’t you just love the black and white version of my Around the Block quilt looks? It makes me feel like I am stepping into an old episode of The Munsters or the Addams Family.

boo pillow

Here is our cute BOO pillow on top of our Squared Away Quilt.
happy haunting_pillow

My puppy Piper must be a little jealous of my cat pillow. She wants to make sure I know who’s Man’s Best Friend really is!


As part of the Riley Blake team I was able to be a part of Schoolhouse, where we did a little introductory of ourselves and a small project we made with our line. My project is a No Sew Banner, perfect for the lamp posts or front door during the spooky time of year. Get your free printable by returning to the post here.

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