Sail On Birthday Decor

When I saw these Sail On cut files I knew they were perfect to go with my son’s birthday theme – who doesn’t love a pirate party?  I knew I wanted to make a banner and have had this twine sitting on my desk with nothing else to do.  Twine + Anchors = Perfection.














Super simple to make one!


Step 1

Cut out your shapes on your cutting machine.  I duplicated my shape to cut a whole page at one time, then repeated the cut in another colour.














Step 2

Measured out my twine and took it off the spool to get ready to add on your paper elements.














Step 3

Take your paper element like on of the anchors and slip it onto your twine and tie a knot.














Step 4

Repeat the process until you have all of the cut elements tied onto your twine.














Step 5

Hang it up and enjoy it!















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