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Here are 34 things about Sandra:

  1. Speaking of 34 things, I was 34 years old when I met my husband.
  2. I was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1968.
  3. I live in the suburb of North Vancouver.
  4. I am passionate about travelling.
  5. I grew up in North Vancouver, spent 13 years living in the city, and met and married a man who grew up in the same city.
  6. I play women’s Ice Hockey, although in Canada it’s just called Hockey!  I’ve been playing it for almost 30 years.
  7. When I was nine years old we had summer exchange students from Japan who introduced me to cute little paper accessories, and Hello Kitty.  I’ve been addicted to paper ever since.
  8. When I was 19 I took time off of University and travelled to Australia by myself for a year.
  9. I have a “little” brother who is 6’3” and everyone thinks he’s older than me.
  10. I have 10 years of classical music training from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.
  11. I have 2 children who are 15 months apart in age,
  12. I learned to snowboard at 30 years old and have never been back on skis since.
  13. I have been teaching primary school for 23 years.
  14. I have jumped out of two airplanes (with parachutes)
  15. I have been married for 9 years.
  16. My husband and my brother have the same first name – Brad.
  17. My favourite colour is purple.  My crafting room is purple!
  18. My son in is Grade Two and my daughter is in Grade One and currently I teach a Grade One / Two split class.
  19. My husband is 10 years younger than me.
  20. We got married in Mexico.
  21. I travelled once through the south pacific by myself and took a cargo ship to Bora Bora.  I was the only one on the boat who spoke English.
  22. I was the president of my chapter of Delta Gamma (sorority) at UBC.
  23. The school I teach at is 3 blocks from where my Mom grew up in Vancouver.
  24. My husband is also a teacher, and he works at my old high school in North Vancouver.
  25. I know how to tile a floor and frame in a closet.
  26. My husband and I have flipped 4 properties in the past 10 years, and we now live in the house we hope to retire in.
  27. My father was born in Canada, but his first language is Icelandic.
  28. My son, like myself, learned to read at 3 years old.
  29. Last summer I surprised a Black Bear in my carport.
  30. I spent a year on a job exchange teaching in New Zealand in the year 2000.  I went by myself and had the best time.
  31. I played Ultimate Frisbee for 10 years until my knees decided that I needed to stop.
  32. I met my husband through my best friend and her husband who are also both teachers.
  33. I can play the guitar.
  34. The first time we travelled on a plane with children, both of our kids were under 2 years old and were riding on our laps,  so we couldn’t sit beside each other – there’s only enough oxygen masks for 4 people per row.

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