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Here's is your chance to win the SCOOT collection by Deena Rutter.  Tell me why SCOOT is perfect for your digital needs.  Do you have a favorite photo that you can't wait to use with this collection?  How about a party invitation that you have been waiting to put together and SCOOT is just the look you were going for…let me know by commenting below.  Your comment will enter you for a chance to win.  Winner will be chosen tomorrow Thursday, Jan. 5th, 2012 at 10am.  Scoot will be available in my Design House Digital shop for 30% off Thursday as well!  Get the complete collection with over 30 digital papers and 30 elements for a great price…$6.29!


17 Replies to “Scoot Digital Collection Giveaway”

  1. I have 3 gradsons so you can imagine scoot is perfect for me for many occasions. All 3 are constantly on the move.
    Thanks for the chance to win this great kit.

  2. This is awesome! I’m a mom of 5, 4 of them boys. I’m always on the look out for cute/fun boy kits and Scoot definitely qualifies!!

  3. My two little boys are fascinated by anything with wheels or propellers–all play & conversation literally stops when we pass a fire truck or construction vehicle on the road. They play endlessly with toy trucks, trains, planes & snuggle together to flip through books about vehicles. Almost as big as their pile of trucks & trains–the pile of photos of all this waiting to be scrapped. I love the bright, happy colors of this kit & I think it will be perfect for my layouts. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. all i see is TRAINS!!! My little boys are absolutely obsessed with trains, followed closely by, what else, trucks and planes! I have so many pics of them playing with their train sets, this would be the perfect kit to scrap those photos!

  5. I have a 2 year old son that I have yet to make any digi layouts of! This would be perfect for him. I chose the transportation theme for his room… and he LOVES to play with his cars. Thanks for a chance!

  6. This kit would be perfect to scrap my son’s obsession with trains when he was a younger boy, as well as the RC helicopters that he loves. There aren’t too many kits with good helicopter designs; this one is perfect!

  7. I recently scanned about a hundred old photos of my kids when they were small. Both my son and second daughter were fascinated by things with wheels. And my daughter wasn’t still for a second if she was awake. This kit would be perfect for some of those wonderful memories.

  8. Adore this ! We have a photo of the boys playing with their cousin Thomas train set on NY eve and it would work perfectly with this kit… They were completely obsessed with it. Thanks for the chance.

  9. I only have one daughter so most of the kits I have are all girly. However I have 3 nephews who need some boy toy layouts. This would be perfect! Gorgeous collection!

  10. My brother and sil just had their first baby, a boy! I have a girl and hardly any boy digi supplies. This collection would be perfect for him.

  11. My son, soon to be 4, loves trains!!! He is having Thomas and Friends birthday party and this would be perfect for scrapbooking those birthday, and everyday train photos 🙂

  12. Cute and fun kit! I’m mom to two girls, but can see myself using this kit on layouts for them-they play with cars & trains too! Plus, I’ve got a ton of nephews! Thanks for the chance!

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