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Here are 34 things about Shana:

  1. I love all things caramel, and I eat brown sugar straight from the bag.
  2. I have two beautiful daughters, ages 22 and 20. I have been a gymnastics mom, a basketball mom, a volleyball mom and a tennis mom.
  3. I am celebrating my Silver Anniversary this year.
  4. I have been sewing/crafting since I was a young girl. I sew on a Bernina.
  5. I want to convert an old barn into my studio.
  6. I wish I had a green thumb.
  7. I love Disneyland. Space Mountain is the first ride of the day.
  8. I really dislike watching others floss their teeth.
  9. If I do the math right, I was conceived in Yosemite National Park (right Mom?).
  10. Tiramisu and Mango Sticky Rice are some favorite desserts of mine.
  11. I love Koala Bears.
  12. I want to own a candy store.
  13. Diet Dr. Pepper, BBQ potato chips and black licorice make for a great road trip to Vegas or SoCal.
  14. Animals and babies love me. My hubby says it’s my “kind” heart.
  15. I’ve always wanted to be on the Price is Right with Bob Barker or Wheel of Fortune with Pat Sajak.
  16. I’m married to a man who loves cycling, skiing, swimming and surfing. I prefer to sit in front of my sewing machine.
  17. I wish I burned calories while sewing.
  18. I still use my iPhone 3.
  19. I have been in a book club for over 10 years. I feel proud when I get the book read each month.
  20. I was the youngest of 3 girls until Deena was born when I was 8. Now I’m a middle child and no longer the favorite.
  21. I have worked as a reading tutor and TA in elementary schools for the past 8 years.
  22. I was a pageant queen in my previous life. I almost became Miss Utah in the 80s. First Runner-up is the same as First Loser, right?
  23. I have an ISFJ personality type. Apparently I would make a good inn-keeper or accountant.
  24. I love to organize and clean out other people’s fridges.
  25. I love to travel. Bangkok, Barcelona and Sydney are just a few favorites.
  26. I annoy my family by getting to the airport way too early.
  27. I have to wear reading glasses. I need to wear hearing aids.
  28. I ask a lot of questions. (Don’t I girls?)
  29. I grew up driving in a Pontiac station wagon from the 70s. I think that is why a lot of my cars have been wagons.
  30. My car’s name is Betty. I think I should name my Bernina too. How about Bertha?
  31. I have 3 “grand kitties,” Boo, Princess and June.
  32. I used to teach piano lessons when my kids were younger.
  33. I was a member of AmeriCorps for two years.
  34. I love estate sales, yard sales and flea markets.