Storybook Cricut Cartridge: Summer frames

Oh how I love the summertime. Hey! It’s Tiffany from the Creative Team. Since we are officially into the first day of summer I want to make sure I’m ready… with my decor.Today, we are going to make a Summer shelf banner using the Storybook Cricut Cartridge.

Materials needed for Today’s project:

  • 6 -8 frames (6 is essential, i used 2 extra for decorative frames.) I had a few and I got the rest from the thrift store and dollar stores for about $1 a piece. You can see they aren’t the cutest frames and don’t match at all. I like the different textures and sizes. Plus I’m going to paint them all the same color.Frames
  • Spray paint- I used Krylon, brushed metallic Black satin paint. It has beautiful goldish specks and just looks awesome, especially in that WARM summer sun.
  • White Vinyl. I cut mine using my Cricut Expression and used my favorite Storybook cartridge.
  • Window cleaner (to polish off those finger prints before applying vinyl
  • Hot glue/ glue gun.


Start out by removing the glass and back stands from your frames. Do whatever you need to make matching them up later easier for you. Lay all of your frames face up on newspaper or a drop cloth and spray pain them all completely. Let dry. (Doesn’t take too long. )


I took my frames back inside and folded back the metal tabs (that hold in the glass/photo/backing) so they lay flat against the back of the frame.

Step 2

I polished my glass pieces, one frame at a time and placed the glass in the matching frame. I used a steady bead of hot glue filling in any gaps between the glass and frame, and trying to match them up as much as possible.Glue I set out all of my frames and then used my Storybook Cricut Cartridge using different elements of the cartridge: shadow, different styles, and a few different sizes.  Then I places the vinyl on each of the frames I chose for the letter. I mixed it up with some larger frames, turning some sideways and different frame textures.

Organize I wanted one more frame with a flower element (since I’m currently flowers obsessed.) I found the tutorial here.  I hot glued the paper flower to the glass of a frame.

Flower frames

I think I might just be onto something and do this for every season and holiday?
Summer frames Happy Summer!!

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  1. The link for the darling cut flower is missing. Love your stuff and am in the middle of a flower surge *due to 6 yr old granddau* also so if you could post the link that would be great.

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