Storybook Sample – Princess Party

Crown A


Throwing a party for a princess… A sweet little crown for the event.  (Also included are examples of an invitation, magic wand, and notebook/pencil topper party favors)

Crate paper Carnival collection, snow cone #CA132
Crate paper Baby Bee collection, little one #BE225
Peach cardstock
       3D dots adhesive
    Hole punch

Step one:   Use paper #CA132 (patterned side up), select the crown with the Shadow feature and the shift option.  Set dial size to
 5 ¼ or”fit to page” feature, then press cut.

Step two:  Use peach cardstock, select the flower or graphic of your choice in the Accent blackout feature and the shift option.  Set dial size to 3, the press cut. 

Step three:  Use the remainder of the paper #CA132 with pink side up, select the Shorty feature and whatever letter you choose.  Set dial size to 2 ¼, then press cut.  Cut same letter on paper #BE225 with dial set to 2.  Using the 3D dot adhesive, adhere the smaller letter on top of the larger letter, and then adhere this, with the 3D dots, to the center of the flower that was cut in step two. 

Step four:  Center the flower with letter attached on the crown and adhere with 3D dot adhesive. 

Step five:  Use hole punch and make a hole on either end of crown and tie a piece of ribbon through each hole.  Now you are finished and you have a sweet little crown for your princess.  Just place crown on forehead of child and tie ribbon together at back of head.
Crown A party


Storybook Cartridge

Special thanks to Emily Daines for this sample idea.

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