Temporary Tattoos

Hi everyone! Kate here to show you how to make temporary tattoo Valentines as a fun alternative to treats!




1. Design your tattoo. These are for my 13-year-old daughter and I had her help me pick out the designs. She loved the little owl in Scenic Route so we filled it in with colors she liked and then I built the little card around it. The tattoo needs to be simple and have clean edges. We learned that word art doesn’t work so well because the tattoo paper will show up on your skin where there are blank spaces. You’d have to apply each letter as it’s own tattoo. That’s very frustrating!


2. I brought the owl over to the Silhouette software as a png.*

I duplicated it for as many cards as I needed to make. I ended up bringing the heart over as well because I thought it would make a cute tattoo. NOTE: You may need to mirror the image and then duplicate it – depending on what you’ve chosen. My images work both ways so I eliminated that step.

Get the registration marks on the page and make sure your designs fit into the space.


Trace the design and add the cut lines. This shows my setting and work flow:


*If you’re not using a cutting machine, duplicate the design on an 8.5×11 canvas in PS or PSE.

3. Print the tattoos. The instructions on the package said to use the photo settings on your printer for the best results. They turned out beautifully!

4. Add the adhesive backing. This comes in the same package as the tattoo paper. You want to make sure to get all of the bubbles out before you cut.


Time to cut. Do this carefully by hand. Or you can send it through the machine. The Silhouette software has a setting for tattoo paper. Make sure you adjust your blade.


Now load it in the machine and cut.



6. Print your cards and adhere the tattoos. We tested several different kinds of adhesive for this: hot glue, tape runner, white glue, gluetick, etc. I needed it to stick to the card, but pull off without damaging the tattoo or the card. And the winner was: mounting squares! They worked perfectly. I cut them in half for the owls and in quarters for the hearts.

2015_1_8 7. To apply the tattoo: The skin needs to be dry. Remove the protective cover, place the color side against the skin (you can’t move it once placed), place a wet washcloth over the back of the tattoo and hold it there for at least 30 seconds. The tattoo will release onto the skin. Slide the backing off. Pat the area dry.


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