The BE MERRY collection + DIY Pendant Banner

Let the holiday cheer begin!  To celebrate my new digital release the BE MERRY COLLECTION, I am giving you this fun and easy DIY garland banner.

To download the file here:
Download Drutter-Be Merry Banner.

Just download the file, print on white cardstock, cut it out, poke some holes, and string it up!  I used my tiny hole puncher plus my 1.25 inch circle punch.  The small pom pom garland was made with small felt balls bought on etsy.

Drutter-Be Merry Banner2

Please enjoy this free download for your personal use only.  Also, be sure to check out my new Holiday Cards in the Be Merry collection.

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Drutter-Be Merry peace love joy
Peace Love & Joy Art Print

Complete Be Merry Collection

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  1. Pendant banners are starting to make a huge name for themselves. It’s nice that it is going to that direction because it deserves to be, most people are just starting to get into all these banner stuff but it’s never too late.

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