The Giver + {freebie}

I come from a long line of givers.  One of my only memories I have of my great grandmother is her giving me a treasure.  It was a box of jeweled clip-on earrings that she knew I always gravitated to in the attic for dress up time.  Next down my maternal line of givers is her daughter, and my maternal grandmother, Mary Barraclough.  There she is, my beautiful grandmother. Mary Barraclough is 94 and sews almost 800 quilts a year for humanitarian projects. She makes 2-3 receiving blankets a day, three quilts a week, and crochets receiving blankets for grieving families who have lost newborn babies.  She donates them to the United Way,  the LDS humanitarian services, as well as hospitals.

My grandmother has more than once suggested to her granddaughters that we continue on her legacy of quilt giving.  I have been inspired by her passion and commitment, but I also realize that everyone has a different passion for the way they give.  For instance, besides making quilts like my grandmother, my mother is a "treat-giver", an "it's not a special occasion, but you need a present-giver" and an "if you go out of town, I will watch your kids-giver".

I seem to give with different creative talents.  If you are a friend of mine, you have hopefully received something that I have created with you in mind. That is one way I consider myself a giver.  Well, welcome friends, because you being here makes you the beneficiary of my friendship – and it is time to spread the giving.  Once a month, I will be choosing a new giver – someone in my life, or maybe someone you suggest – that has a way of giving that has been inspirational to me or to others.  Along with this will come a freebie to help you in your gift giving.  Let the wonderful cycle of giving begin. 

This month's "THE GIVER" freebie is a great, easy cut and print pattern for anyone to use. Print it out, use your scissors to cut out the pattern and an straight edge knife to cut the half-moon flaps and you are good to give! Enjoy!!IMG_1127
Also, I added a button right on top of the half moon flap with a 3-D glue dot, then tied a string/ribbon around that.  I also always put an adhesive dot on the back of the gift card to secure.


Gift card cutable 

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  1. Deena, you are one of the very best givers I know. You are doing a wonderful job of carrying on very special legacy. Thank you for sharing your talents and friendship, and inspiring those around you.

  2. I like the way you are doing your own type of creating. I could never keep up with the quilting and blanket making!

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