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I don't have to look far to find giving people in my life….especially this GIVER, Tifiny Reed.  The 50 steps between my home and Tifiny's is a well trodden path. We share ideas, food, stories, laughter, and tears.  On most afternoons once the homework is done, we share children as well.  Tifiny is one of the most organized people I know. And what she does with the time she frees up from being so organized benefits everyone she comes across.

Tifiny's creative outlet is cooking and making EVERYTHING FUN for her family and friends. She plans a week or a month ahead with her dinner menu and makes sure she has everything on hand.  If you are in need, you can count on a scrumptious dinner from Tifiny.  She has been known to take dinner to others at least 4 times a month! 

Tifiny passes her love of serving and cooking onto her children by making cooking time fun.  They turn the music up and start creating.  Her son was the only scout in his pack that knew how to crack an egg the right way.  If you knew Tifiny's children, you would know they are learning from her example, for they are turning into little givers themselves.

Her five lucky children will never feel deprived of holiday traditions.  Each holiday has a unique twist in the Reed home.  You can find pink pancakes on Valentine's Day, green milk and gold coins from the leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day, a neighboorhood breakfast cookout on the first day of school, and don't even get me started on Christmas time.

Tifiny inspires me to be a more giving mother and a more thoughtful friend. She is a steady force of courage and conviction.


Now it's my turn to give!  Here is an easy to make Valentine bag.  You would think I would want to be more creative with my children's valentine boxes for school, but I prefer simple and cute for this holiday.  I will let Jack make his own cardboard-duct-tape-valentine-holding-platypus…



We used a small handled kraft bag (5 1/4 x 3 1/4” x 8 3/8”), the free svg file download bag topper, my cricut storybook cartridge (letter T), oh darling cutting file (in the $1 section of dhd in February), printed paper from the Oh Darling Collection at dhd, and ribbon. Embellish this bag and watch the Valentines start to pour in!

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