Tiny Dancer Collection

I never was a "tiny dancer".  The closest I came to being any sort of dancer was wearing my light blue tutu as "head toothfairy" in my first grade toothfairy program (amazingly, I still know my lines!)  Though Tiny Dancer was not inspired by my graceful ways, it was inspired by one of my favorite Elton John songs.  This collection is soft & fun with tons of possibilities.  Here is a small sampling.  This is a picture from Kate’s costume party.  Look how gracefully she eats the cupcake.  Maybe clumsiness skips a generation and I could have a "tiny dancer" on my hands someday.


Now, in honor of Digital Scrapbooking Day and the pclayers contest, the design team at pclayers has put together a blog scavenger hunt of digital scrapbook freebies that coordinate with my new Tiny Dancer Scrapbooking Kit that releases tomorrow at pclayers!

On my blog I am giving away the following items…

tiny dancer ribbon freebie


tiny dancer quick page by Aly Dosdall

Head on over to Erin Lynch’s blog, one of pclayers great layout designers, for your next freebie!

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