Valentine’s – Create and Adorn Your Very Own Printable


Hi, friends! CT Member, Sandy Henderson, here to share a fun HYBRID project with you. I’m sure you’ve seen all those fabulous pre-made printable decor pages some of the paper companies are releasing. The idea is “insta-art”, all ready for you to pop into a frame and put on display in your home. Well, why not make some of your own? As digital scrappers, we have the kits AND the tools to make them ourselves…and that’s just what I did! Then, to take it a step further, I added my own personal touch with a decorative banner–INSIDE my frame. I’ve pulled out a few “oldie-but-goodie” kits of Deena’s , opened Photoshop, and went to work. Here’s how…and I didn’t even use a digital cutter this time. 


Step 1: Browse through your kit and pick out your favorite papers, elements, etc. Get creative in placing them on your canvas. Don’t be afraid to layer items on top/under each other to create more complex designs, if desired. I used a few blending modes to push some layers more into the background, such as texture masks and overlays. Keeping your design elements in close proximity to each other gives a more cohesive look, and a more unified page. Note: If you’ve ever seen printables, you’ll notice that the designs are usually flat on the page, without the use of too much shadowing. This gives it more of a graphic look, rather than a scrapbook page look. On only a few elements I used the most minimal of drop shadows. This is what my design looked like in PS, after I layered papers and elements onto a 5×7 inch canvas. (Once it’s printed out, the design still looks relatively flat.)


Step 2: Once my printable design was complete, I thought about enhancing its look in a frame. My first thought was…”hey, how about a banner?!” It’d be fun to drape a bunting over the frame… I remembered Deena has a cut file for pennants and banners, so I chose a few designs. This particular file comes with .png, .jpg, and .svg files. I didn’t feel like formatting in my Silhouette because the shapes I chose were simple enough, even I could use just a pair of scissors.

I created a new 8.5×11 inch document in PS, and drug my finished printable onto it. I then selected several .png pennant shapes and pulled those over, too. Now the fun part…picking out papers!


I chose to scale down the papers to make the patterns more noticeable. Once you’ve dragged your paper into PS, resize them. Select Image>Image Size>Document Size. Within the Document dimensions, I changed the 12×12 inches the paper was created in to 4×4 inches. Then, select OK. Your paper will be magically reduced to a smaller pattern to place over your shape in the layers pallet. Here’s a shot of how it looks. Clip your paper to the pennant piece. Ta-dah!


Continue selecting and dragging papers until all of your shapes are clipped together and your layers pallet looks something like this.


Yep! That’s lots of clipping going on. Here is how my assembled page looked. It actually isn’t very time consuming at all. Next, send to your printer!


Step 3: Once everything was printed out, I used my scissors to cut out my shapes and the printable. (I ended up not using that extra word bubble, in case you’re wondering what happened to it.) BONUS: Here you get a sneak peek into how I store some of my bakers twine. They are rolled on a wooden clothes pin, and placed in a “restaurant” style sugar holder. I thread the twine through the opening so I just have to pull on whichever stand I need at the time. Cool, huh? *I can’t remember where I got that idea though…


Step 4: Fold your banner in half so the edges match up, then lay them out in a pleasing order. Rather than just hanging each piece on the twine, I secured them with a little glue dot, catching some of the twine…it made things stay in place and worked great!



Leave a little tail when you begin, then just attach your shapes and create your bunting. For my center focal-point, I even layered 3 different shapes together, and added a punched heart. Don’t forget to leave a little tail when you’re done, too. I think it turned out fantastic…simple, but cute.


Step 5: Time to assemble–YAY! My 8×10 inch frame came with a mat, so I thought it would look cute to have a paper bunting  draped over my printable, INSIDE the frame. I’m so clever…ha, ha. This is where the washi tape comes in. I secured my printable to the back of the matting first; then positioned how I’d like the bunting to lay at the top edge of the mat. Again, the whole thing was secured with washi tape, making it easily removable.


Now, the big reveal… Put the mat and your embellished printable inside your frame, secure closed, then turn it over to admire the beautiful design that YOU created. I’ve decided to place my frame on a bookshelf among pictures of my children. It’s the perfect time of year to have a home decor piece, specially designed by me (with the help of Deena, of course), on display for Valentine’s Day and maybe even beyond. Having such a talented artist like Deena makes creating anything so much easier!


I hope you’ve been inspired to try creating your own printable(s) to display in your own space! Thanks for stopping by today…and Happy Valentine’s Day next week. Please share your thoughts, ideas, and projects with us. We love it!

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