Walking On Sunshine Paper Giveaway

My new collection “Walking On Sunshine” for Echo Park Paper is on it’s way to your favorite paper shop. After designing a collection, one of my favorite things is the box of product on my doorstep. I just love how Walking On Sunshine turned out. The colors are bright with a retro feel. This collection includes some fun stamps and steel dies which I am in love with. I am getting my stamp pads and manual die cut machine for this stuff!




I would love to share this collection with you, so I am giving away a paper and element pack along with the 6×6 paper pad. Also, another lucky winner will receive all of the new stamps and metal dies.

To enter leave a comment below with this info:

Would you like to win the paper set or stamp/die set?

What do you think of when you picture SUMMER in your mind: favorite tradition, childhood memory, way to relax in the Summer, etc.

Leave your comment by May 10th at 10am (MST).  Commenting is closed. 

Two lucky winners will be chosen and the product will be shipped to your door.


23 Replies to “Walking On Sunshine Paper Giveaway”

  1. So pretty and perfect for the hotter weather coming! I’d love to win the paper set. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  2. I would love to win the paper set. I want to try my hand at traditional. When I think of summer I think of the beach. Going to the beach is my favorite summer activity.

  3. I love the colors and patterns of the paper set, so I would have to pick them over the stamps.
    My favorite thing to do in the summer is spend time at the beach. I have a sweet little water baby/toddler that loves playing in the sand and over the years has been working on learning to fish like her daddy. Those are the memories I cherish each passing year.

  4. I LOVE this set. Summer is my very favorite because I get to spend it with my kids at the pool and camping. I am very new to stamping so I would love the stamps. I don’t have many at all.

  5. Since I love all things DEENA and all things PAPER, DIES, STAMPS…I think I am a perfect match to win the whole she-bang of this Collection! I love the look, and am so excited for you to have add-ons for your paper lines. Wahoo!

    When I think summer, I think of hot days, looking for shade, walking barefoot in the grass, and watching my grandkids play in the water. 🙂

    1. I didn’t specify which I would most want, because I want it all! If I had to choose though, I would probably choose the dies/stamps, because they are so unique. Arg…such a hard decision! But I would be happy with the paper, too. 🙂

  6. I love the paper set! For me summer has always been about little league baseball. Where I grew up the little league field was the place to be.

  7. What a fun line. I would love the paper set. Summer makes me think of swimming and watermelon and sun.

    1. oops I should follow directions, I just got so excited! I think I would like the designer stamps best. And as I said our summer vacation would work perfectly, warm bright colors, paired with cool blues.

  8. This is so pretty!! I love the paper pad so much. (I don’t have a die cut machine anyway. lol)

    1. Forgot to say that when I think of summer I’m reminded of camping, traveling to see family, and bbqing with friends.

  9. i love the whole collection, but i would love to get my hands on the stamp/die set the most! LOVE IT!! every summer we take our kids on a road trip from CA to UT to visit family and enjoy a combo party for 4th of July and our daughter’s and SIL’s birthdays. so much fun with cousins, fireworks, parades, bbqs and more!

  10. I would so love to win this. I absolutely love your work and Echo Parks. This range captures summer perfectly, and they would go great in my albums, a perfect home for them. Thank you for the chance.

  11. i absolutely LOVE the paper! ADORE it! perfect summery colors and the prints are so happy! my favorite summer memories all center around water … summers at the Jersey shore and swimming at the pool at the swim club. sublime!

  12. SUPER cute! I would like to win the stamps/dies! Summer makes me think of flip flops and freezer pops!

  13. I’d like to win the paper set 🙂 When I think of summer, it reminds me of how my sisters and I spent our vacation when we were kids. We usually stayed indoors coloring books, playing with Barbie dolls etc.

  14. I’d love to win the stamps/dies. When I think of summer, I always picture patio sets with bright colorful umbrellas. They just seem to be a sign of summer….from homes to restaurants, they just say “summer” to me!

  15. Love the colors and theme! I’d prefer the die set.
    Summer reminds me of trips to amusement parks, picnics in the backyard and road trips!

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