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Hello, and Happy Hybrid Monday!  CT Member, Sandy, here to share with you a card I made recently by using Deena’s cutting files. If you are like me, you LOVE being able to use your digital cutter; and the more shapes in your collection, the better! Deena has some fabulous cutting files in her store at Pixels and Company. She not only has custom shapes according to themes, but she has also offered basic shapes. It is fun to have an assortment of shapes, but it’s the BASICS that really allow you to stretch your design possibilities! When Deena released her beautiful new digital kit, Uncharted, I for some reason thought of ice cream. Yes, I often think of ice cream…ice cream cones in particular (it’s my go-to treat, actually). I digress. I guess it’s because the colors in this kit are so fresh and clean, refreshing like a sorbet! I thought how fun it would be to create an ice cream cone with multiple scoops made from this lovely paper. But, wait…I don’t have a cutting file for an ice cream cone or scoops. What to do? That’s when I decided to look through Deena’s cutting files and see what I could COMBINE to accomplish the design I had in my head.

I thought I would take you along with me as I worked in the Silhouette software to make my card. I have the Designer Edition, however, for this project, the basic software that comes with your machine works just fine. The only difference, I believe, is you won’t have the sketch pen capabilities. If you don’t have access to that, it isn’t the end of the world! Let’s get designing…

When thinking about the shape of an ice cream scoop, the prettiest scoops have a round mound of ice cream with some excess goodness squeezed out around the base of the scoop (that is unless you go to Baskin Robbins where their scoops seem to be perfectly round). So I knew I needed to start with a circle or oval shape to create the basic  scoop, then find something that would help create that beautiful mound of ice cream on a cone. I remember seeing some clouds in one of Deena’s cutting file collections, and quickly found it in her Sail On kit. PERFECT…exactly what I had in mind. See the slide above the see what those shapes look like. Next, it’s time to do some combining of shapes!

Are you starting to see where I am going with this? Stay with me…

Pretty awesome, huh? Easy peasy!

As I am showing you how to create the cone, I assume you have a working knowledge of how to create your own shapes and use the crop tool to get the dimensions I specify. If you aren’t, I would recommend checking out the abundance of videos on You Tube to help you learn more about how to use your digital cutter. This slide shows the sketch tool feature I was referring to earlier in this post.  Your cone will look great either way! I also used the align tool to get the cone and overlay in the precise spot so that I could trace AROUND the edge for cutting. **Be sure to turn off the cutting feature on your hash lines if you use them, or you will end up with a mess!**

Remember to have patience with yourself as you practice new skills and techniques. It may take a few times to get the exact shape you are going for, and that’s OK! Which cone would you prefer? I liked them both, and ultimately chose to combine one of each “scoop style” on my finished cone.

Once you have all of your shapes created/chosen, don’t forget to use the trace function to create cutting lines around each element for your project. This card was so fun to make, especially knowing that I actually made it MYSELF, with the help of Deena’s cutting files! I can’t wait to play around with some more shapes and see what I can come up with…how about you?

Thanks for stopping by today. We would love to see what “new” shapes you can create with your cutting files. Feel free to link us up in the comments below or just give us some feedback; because we always LOVE to hear from you!

To all of our friends in the United States, have a wonderful Memorial Day with your family and friends…and remember to take a moment to honor the good men and women of this country who have sacrificed so much to protect our great nation and the freedoms we enjoy.

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