Wheels applique- Toddler version

Hi There, It’s Tiffany from the Creative Team!

Everywhere I turn it seems there is a infant onesie applique tutorial. I love this. Now, that my toddler is no longer in onesies, I wanted to make it into my own version. Applique is a cheap, quick and super easy way to add a little spice to anything. Today I did one for my toddler.
I got this cute little striped shirt on clearance ($1), ironed on the Wonder-under to the back-side of my Wheels fabric, removed the backing, and then ironed it to my shirt.

Wheels tshirt front To give it a little more finished of an edge I decided to do a simple zig-zag stitch around the bus cut out. I liked how the front looked with the Orange bus SO much, that I added the bicycle to the back.Wheels applique2 Happy crafting.

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