WHOLE LOTTA LOVE with Biograffiti

Today I released my latest digital collection called "Whole Lotta Love" with Biograffiti.  Molly is such a pleasure to work with.  She is also great at reigning in my talents and helping me focus on the project at hand.  This does not come naturally to me!

I love the little tin man robot.  This collection comes with so many possibitities for layouts, valentines, photo cards, gifts, and decor. 

DHD-drutter-whole lotta love-preview

Deenarutter-crazy in love-photocards


Drutter-celo tray-wll

3 Replies to “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE with Biograffiti”

  1. these ads are all over the city – i think you might be missing the point. the ads are tnraetigg parents (hence the awaiting instructions) to teach their kids. they’re teaching them to do their homework and to eat their veggies – so why not teach them to respect women.

  2. She’s the classiest singer and performer around. She’s oozes class and dignity out of every pore. I greatly admire her.I go to youtube all the time to listen to her sing and be inspired by her beauty.Thank You, Wales!

  3. I feel bad every time I yell at my kids, which is a lot. I’m a bit like you, short tempered and low on the patience. In my opinion, you are a great mother. You are raising three kids on your own, well, kind of. I couldn’t do it. I, too, know how it feels to use the potty and right in the middle of going you hear, “MOM” and the door opens….lol.

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